Adventure! Day Two

: Anchorage

Plan: See Anchorage Zoo.

Increase our knowledge and wonder at the Imaginarium.

Visit tourist-y sites.


Some of that clearly had to be scratched due to rain and other non-negotiable events.

Revised Itinerary: 5am- Enough tossing and turning on a soggy sleeping bag.  Find breakfast.

Dry sleeping bags.

Enjoy Imaginarium.

Walk in a mall.  (novel!  We have no mall to speak of in Fairbanks.)

Visit touris-y places.

Playground time.

Cook dinner & air out tent, sleeping mats, etc.

Find the Bauers’ RV and bed down there.



Total mileage: not much

End: Anchorage

Notes:  We had a rolicking good time.  I still would have liked to take the girls to the zoo, but our (mostly) indoor day was great.  We even got to greet Papa, then Nana, Nunki, Aunt Nae, and Aunt Hannah.  Life is good.

Verdict: Success.

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