The Perfect Bedtime

Tonight was the smoothest bedtime ever.  EVER.


I’m afraid if I don’t write about it immediately, the children will wake and I will have lost this precious, glorious moment forever.


This is what happened:

I  took the girls upstairs after dinner and put them in bath.  They splashed around until they’d successfully transplanted a majority of the water out of the tub, then we bundled up in towels and trotted off to the nursery.  We folded diapers, we played quietly.  Around 7, I took Aliza-berry in the other room to try and nurse her down: fail.  I brought her back to the nursery and we read for a while.  At 7:30 I dosed the big girl with a homeopathic sleep aid, turned off the light, and we kept reading.  Aliza-berry wanted to nurse again, so I nursed her and she fell asleep.  I went and put her to sleep in her co-sleeper, then went back to the nursery and talked with Adelaide in the dark until she dropped off.  We prayed, I sang a little, I hummed a little, I patted her arm.


And now, this night of a lifetime can be preserved forever.

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