Meeting Santa in a bar

Only in Alaska does Santa give out presents in a bar.  Even better, a bar that still allows smoking.  Keep going – the bar was like 40 minutes north of North Pole, Alaska, where Santa lives on Santa Claus lane with his reindeer.  Oh, Alaska.  You never cease to entertain.


Adelaide had a good time.  My little Muse got her present, preferred to sit on Mrs. Claus’s lap, and asked for (another) Christmas tree for Christmas.  I really don’t think she get’s the whole present/Christmas link.

Aliza was less impressed with the fat man in the red suit.  Daddy’s protect-the-baby drive kicked in, and when he scooped up his scared child, he also took Santa’s  beard.  Oops.
There was someone making balloon animals and we had free pizza and some of the BEST homemade sugar cookies I’ve ever seen.  mmmmm.  Beautiful and delicious!  Plus, Santa gave great presents.  Santa proved that he really does know what each child wants for Christmas by getting Adelaide a beautiful book (which we read several times before leaving the bar) and giving Aliza a wrist rattle set that is keeping her busy while I type this.  Outside, there was even a reindeer to pet:
But since she had that wild look in her eye, Adelaide declined an up-close encounter.  Though the handler did offer to let me hold the creature’s lead while she took a family picture for us.  Thanks, but no.  I had an infant strapped to me and a toddler with better sense than to approach a scared, unfamiliar quadroped.  A picture was enough.
I have to admit though, bars in Alaska have purdy decorations!
Also, I would like to point out that this was my first outing with my camera on Manual mode the entire time.  Some of the pictures are even on manual focus.  After owning my camera for 2 and a half years, I am finally learning how to use it.  Merry Christmas!

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