Your kids are being punks because they’re BORED!

Well, you know, maybe.

Have you ever met a Kindergarten teacher who did no planning?  Can you imagine what chaos would ensue in a classroom that had only free time and recess?

Why do we mothers expect our days to function differently?  Our kids love having free access to their toys and activities, but kids also love structure.  Before you go to bed tonight, or first thing tomorrow morning, or today during nap time, or when they’re jumping on Daddy as he walks in the door, take 10 minutes and find an activity online that you can do with them.  With the entire internet full of ideas, you can find something that uses stuff you already have and will get their wheels spinning.

Cut up some pipe cleaners, let your kiddo drop them in a jar, then use a magnet from teh fridge to manipulate the pieces.  My toddler loved this.  The grooves and contours on the jar can make moving the pieces more difficult, so pick your jar based on your kiddo’s age.

There’s a Thomas the train story that ends with Percy getting a new coat of paint.  My toddler loves to give her trains a new coat of paint.  Every chance she gets.  If you’re going to bathe the kid today anyway, let her paint a metal train, then take the train into the bath.  Drive the train through the pain to make tracks, or give the child a spray bottle to wash the train down herself right in the kitchen sink.

Seriously, your days will go smoother when you have an activity or two planned throughout the day.  Write it on the fridge.  Or write your ideas on index cards, and pull one or two out each day to keep things from getting stale.  That seems like an idea that should be on Pinterest, doesn’t it?  😉


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2 responses to “Your kids are being punks because they’re BORED!

  1. Wise words! My daughter’s just 21 months but gets fussy if bored too. For her, going outside to play helps the most, but she likes indoor activities too. Painting a train sounds fun (though messy – the bathtub cleanup is a great idea)!

  2. This is awesome. And a lightbulb moment for me – I do exactly what you’re describing, I let the kids just run wild with their toys over the weekend. So THANK YOU!

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