The Zigo!

I have wanted a Zigo Leader for a while.  Since moving to Alaska, I really miss biking.  One of the first things we’ll buy in Denver is a bike and a carrier for the kiddos.  The nice thing about the Zigo is that we’d only need one carrier gadget.  It’s a walking stroller, jogging stroller, and bike trailer.  The Leader is also a bike, with the bike trailer riding under the handle bars.  I think having the kids in the front of the bike seems much safer, particularly for city traffic.


But the price tag is prohibitive for me.  When I saw the contest that Zigo was running, I was stoked.  And scared.  I honestly want a Zigo product so badly that I’m afraid to enter – because if I enter I might lose.  It’s that lovely self-sabotage thing that so many of us are good at.  Anyway, the contest is for a Zigo Mango, which is not exactly what I want, but still much better than what I’ve got.  So here we go.  On the last day possible to enter, I’m doing an all out blitz.  I’ll enter the contest every way I can, including a video where I outright plead for them to gift me with a ticket to a new life.  Going all in today!

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