Additional reading on breastfeeding in the bible

Additional Resources


Breastfeeding and the Christian Mama- What does the Bible say about Breastfeeding?
One mama examines what the Bible asks of breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding and Following Jesus – uninviting ‘modesty’ to the conversation
TLB basically shreds all the arguments of pearl-clutchers and women shamers saying that breatsfeeding is immodest.  Raising my fist in solidarity over here.

Uninhibited Breastfeeding in Public {Reclaiming my Womanhood From Perversity}
More awesome commentary combining some basic critical thinking skills with a basic human needs of the tiniest among us.

What the Bible says about Nursing in Public
Babydust Diaries works out modesty, the act of breastfeeding as designed by God, and her own responsibility to give God glory.

Breastfeeding, by Rabbi Jill Jacobs
Rabbi Jill Jacobs offers some really interesting information about breastfeeding in Jewish texts.  I love the stories she presents – breastfeeding was (is) so powerful!


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