Meet the MamaPsalmist

The story goes like this:

MamaPsalmist married Mirus (Latin: surprising, gift from God).

Mirus knocked up  blessed with impregnation MamaPsalmist and Muse was formed.

Mirus knocked up blessed with impregnation MamaPsalmist again and Mira was formed.

MamaPsalmist agreed to stay home and care for Muse and Mira, but her brain turned to mush due to lack of adequate stimulation.  (Note: Being busy does not equal ‘adequate stimulation’ in my book.  We’re talking fulfillment here, like, change the world for the better kind of stuff.)

Mirus promised MamaPsalmist a domain name for her birthday. became the new creative outlet for  MamaPsalmist.  Ideally, MamaPsalmist will be adequately stimulated by the posting of content here and the discussions that follow.

MamaPsalmist will need to have a clear vision of in order for that to happen. (Working on that!)


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